Discover the amazing healing power of crystals a system of healing and well-being which is said to date back to Atlantean times. Crystals work by interacting with your energy centres (chakras) and can get some fantastic results.

As with Reiki, you relax on the couch fully clothed and I choose which crystals to place on your body.

A session can last from 30 minutes to 50 minutes depending on the number and strength of crystals chosen. Crystals can help in the same health areas as Reiki, including restoring your va-va-voom and leave you feeling refreshed and restored and ready to face the world again! I personally cleanse and charge my crystals for the express purpose of healing and this boosts their energy and healing potential. I also offer Gem Elixirs, which will be individually prepared to meet your specific needs.

You may experience a mild tingling during a session, fluctuations in body temperature or be aware of energy blocks being released. This is totally normal and just lets you know that the crystals are doing their job!

You may wonder how placing a few crystals on your body can help you heal physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual conditions and rightly so. The reason we become tired or develop an illness is because our energy flow becomes blocked or our chakras (energy centres) become blocked. If you are already aware that all of ‘life’ is energy, that we are constantly interacting with it, then it is not such a great leap to understand that the earth’s natural resources, like crystals and gems, are also full of energy. Each crystal and gemstone has a particular purpose and vibration and works with specific parts of the body or particular chakras.

Crystals have been used in industry for years especially with radios, telecommunications and the computer industry for example. Essentially crystals and gems are extremely powerful tools that can be programmed with intent to achieve amazing things. Why not put scepticism aside and try a session? You may be surprised at what you experience!