L M Puri
Grand Master

Mr. Lalit Mohan Puri hails from the land of Five Rivers, Punjab and is presently settled in Kolkata. Over the years, he has contributed immensely to the field of business in various capacities. After a remarkable 45 years of active service and having scaled such professional heights as functioning as a member on the Board of Directors of companies in the Steel and Glass industries, Mr. Puri, along with his wife Neena Puri, decided to turn his attention to Reiki practice and teaching. This led to them embarkiresearching and writingbooks on Reiki and Crystal.

As a testament of his passion for Reiki and how vigorously he pursued it, his first milestone was receiving his Reiki Mastership attunement and training from the Reiki Grand Master and Crystal Master Rohini Khatri in Hyderabad (A.P.). This was followed by a second attunement in Mastership overseas from the Reiki Master Teryn Prehm at Los Altos, California USA, a mentor who endowed Mr Puri with extensive training, but also an opportunity to attend a whole host of stimulating seminars and workshops on the subject, interacting one-to-one with other Reiki masters and enthusiasts which led to Mr Puri, attuning some students himself in Washington DC and California.

Mr. Puri considers himself a keen, modest learner and identifies that his journey into exploring the depths and avenues of Reiki is an endless one. His quest for knowledge led him to other Healing therapies such as Crystal Therapy, Pranic healing, Yoga – Mudra, Pranayam, Art of Living and so on. His professional credentials  in the field of healing include being a registered Medical Practitioner from the Indian Board of Alternative Medicine and Member of The International Association of Reiki Professionals, USA. 

Being a full-time Reiki prctitioner, he currently conducts Reiki  & Crystal Reiki workshops, seminars and gives various healing treatments on a regular basis.  He is dedicated to spread this profoundly beautiful healing system to all and his inspirational teaching has helped to motivate the students to manifest a certain richness in their lives. He is committed to training people in Reiki & Crystal Reiki to help them raise the vibratory level of their individial bodies besides promoting a heightened sense of consciousness and awareness.

His wife, Neena Puri Master/teacher of Reiki & Crystal Reiki is a great help and support to  him in all his pursuits from healing to writing books and she’s immensely popular with the students.

globeMr. L M Puri
Member Of:
International Association of Reiki Professionals, USA

A registered Medical Practitioner from Indian Board of Alternative Medicines

Neena Puri
Master/ Teacher Reiki & Crystal
Neena Puri  born in Sargodha Punjab (now in Pakistan), migrated to India after the partition of India and settled in Kolkata thereafter. She had her schooling and college education in Kolkata. She is a graduate from Calcutta University.

Neena has been a Reiki practitioner since she took her First and Second Degree from Dr. Amar Kumar a well-known Reiki Grand Master in Kolkata in the year 2002. Since then she has been practicing Reiki  in India and abroad. She is a powerful healer.

She has been attuned  to Mastership Degree in Reiki by Reiki Grand Master L M Puri. Neena Puri has shown great interest in writing and has been helping L M Puri in writing books.

Neena has completed the Art of Living basic course in the year 2002 and Advance course conducted under the presence of Sri Sri Ravi Shankerji in the year 2004 in Kolkata.

Neena is also very keen in Yoga, Pranayam, Mudra and Crystal therapy which she teaches regularly in the classes. She has also done Pranik Healing (Basic course). She is fully committed and dedicated to these beautiful healing systems. She has a good knowledge of English, Hindi, Punjabi and Bengali.